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Telecom Company Gains Reliable, Knowledgeable Support While Reducing Costs


In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, telecom companies face numerous challenges in managing their databases efficiently. From the need to reduce costs to ensuring reliable database administration, finding the right solution can be a daunting task. However, one telecom services company found a game-changing partner in Datavail. In this case study, we explore how this medium-sized enterprise achieved lower costs and improved the quality of their database administration by leveraging the expertise of Datavail.

Addressing Key Challenges Head-On

When our profiled telecom company sought assistance, they had several critical challenges on their plate. First and foremost, they needed to find a way to lower costs without compromising the quality of their database administration. Additionally, they wanted to shift their focus from technical issues to core business activities. Lastly, they aimed to reduce on-staff turnover or burnout caused by an overloaded IT department.

Leveraging Datavail’s Expertise for Database Management

To address these challenges and achieve their goals, our profiled company decided to partner with Datavail for remote database management. Specifically, they utilized Datavail’s expertise in managing Oracle EBS databases. By entrusting their database administration tasks to Datavail’s team of experienced professionals, our profiled company was able to free up valuable time and resources that could be better allocated towards enhancing their core business operations.

Remarkable Results and Tangible Benefits

Since implementing Datavail’s remote database management services, our profiled telecom company has witnessed a remarkable transformation in their organization. They have not only lowered their overall database administration costs but have also significantly improved the quality of their database management.

The cost savings achieved with Datavail’s services are truly impressive – ranging between 25% to 50%. This reduction in costs has allowed our profiled company to allocate funds towards other essential areas of their business while still maintaining reliable and efficient database operations.

But it’s not just about the cost savings. Our profiled company has experienced a notable improvement in various aspects of their database administration. They rated the areas of DBA coverage, expertise, availability, quality, and reliability as all having improved since partnering with Datavail.

“Datavail has provided us with resources that are knowledgeable, reliable, and understand our business needs while also reducing our costs.”

Conclusion: Unlocking Efficiency and Cost Savings

In conclusion, the case study of our profiled telecom services company highlights the immense benefits that can be achieved by partnering with a trusted database management provider like Datavail. By leveraging their expertise in remote database management, our profiled company was able to overcome challenges related to cost reduction, focus on core business activities, and improve overall database administration quality.

If you’re looking to optimize your database management processes while reducing costs and improving efficiency, consider following in the footsteps of our profiled telecom services company. Discover how Datavail’s reliable support and knowledgeable resources can transform your organization for the better.

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