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Datavail Helps Telecom Company Achieve Peace of Mind with Oracle EBS and Database Upgrades

Datavail Case Study

Learn how Datavail partnered with a U.S. telecom company to upgrade its systems before end-of-support

The Importance of Keeping Oracle EBS Up-to-Date

Oracle EBS forms the foundation of many organizations’ back-end systems, and is an essential part of daily operations. As Oracle releases new versions of this solution, it begins to phase out support for older software. Losing Oracle Premier Support at the end-of-life of an Oracle EBS version can cause many issues.

The risks associated with using old Oracle EBS software include:

  • Increased IT costs: Older systems don’t take advantage of cost-saving technology and may require more expensive maintenance solutions. Organizations also run into trouble sourcing talent to operate these systems, as fewer people have experience with those specific software versions.
  • Lower productivity: Business processes and workflows may not have access to productivity-increasing improvements, which makes work take longer.
  • Higher risk of data breaches: Without ongoing security patches, hackers have more possibilities for attack surfaces and exploits to use against your Oracle ERP and databases.
  • Threats to business continuity: If bugs pop up in unsupported Oracle solutions, you may lose access to critical business functions. Fixing these problems on your own can be a challenging endeavor.
  • High opportunity costs: Lower productivity and slower, bug-prone systems can make you miss out on opportunities that modern technology surfaces.

One of our oldest clients, a US telecom company with 10,000 employees and locations across the globe, needed to upgrade its Oracle EBS instance to version 12.2, as well as its Oracle database. Oracle Premier Support for EBS 12.1 is ending in December 2021, so upgrading to the new version was of utmost importance to our client.

Trust Datavail Oracle Consulting Services

In this Datavail case study, we explain:

  • How we were able to perform the upgrade in less time than allotted
  • How we helped provide greater peace of mind to the client thanks to the long-term support available for the new Oracle EBS and database versions

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Are you facing end-of-life for your Oracle solutions and need an Oracle EBS 12.1 to 12.2 upgrade? At Datavail, we have 1,000+ data specialists available to help you with this process from start to finish, as well as handling any other Oracle support needs.

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