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SQL Server 2017

Soon to be an object of your affection

SQL Server 2017

You already know SQL Server is just about the safest database out there. The National Institute of Standards and Testing says it has the fewest security vulnerabilities of all the major databases you can buy… and it has for the past seven years.

You know it’s fast. And, now it’s faster.

SQL Server 2017 performs queries up to 100 times faster than disk with in-memory columnstore. It cranks out transactions as much as 30 times faster than other databases because it has in-memory OLTP.

Now, it’s more flexible than ever before. With 2017, you can build your applications using any language, any data, on any platform and anywhere… on-premises or in the cloud.

Ready to learn more? Download this new white paper from Datavail.


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Download the white paper.

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