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S&P 500 Financial Services Company Achieves Peace of Mind with Datavail


In the world of financial services, database management is crucial for maintaining efficiency and ensuring the security of sensitive information. For an S&P 500 financial services company, these challenges were no exception. That’s why they turned to Datavail, a trusted partner in remote database management and assessment solutions. In this case study, we explore how Datavail helped this company achieve peace of mind by improving their database administration quality and providing round-the-clock coverage.

Addressing the Challenges

When our client approached us, they had specific challenges in mind that needed immediate attention. Their primary objectives were:

  1. Improving Database Administration Quality: Our client desired a proactive approach to database administration to enhance performance and reduce downtime.
  2. Providing Comprehensive Coverage: With databases running around the clock, including weekends and holidays, our client required uninterrupted support to ensure smooth operations.

Leveraging Datavail’s Solutions

To meet these challenges head-on, our S&P 500 financial services company enlisted the expertise of Datavail. They leveraged our extensive knowledge and experience in managing Oracle databases to address their needs effectively. Here are some key ways they utilized our services:

Remote Database Management

Our team remotely managed their databases, constantly monitoring them for optimal performance and swiftly addressing any issues that arose. This proactive approach allowed us to prevent potential disruptions before they could impact operations.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

We conducted comprehensive assessments and health checks on their databases regularly. These evaluations helped identify areas for improvement, optimize configurations, and ensure overall database health.

Achieving Tangible Results

Since partnering with Datavail, our client has experienced remarkable benefits across various aspects of their database administration:

  • Improved Quality: Our proactive approach to database management has significantly enhanced the quality of their systems, resulting in smoother operations.
  • Round-the-Clock Coverage: With our team providing 24×7 support, including weekends and holidays, our client has gained peace of mind knowing that their databases are continuously monitored and optimized.

Our client has rated the impact of Datavail’s services on their organization as follows:

  • DBA Coverage: Improved
  • DBA Expertise: Improved
  • Database Availability: Improved
  • Database Quality: Improved
  • Database Reliability: Improved

The feedback from our client speaks volumes about the value they have found in partnering with Datavail:

“Datavail has allowed us peace of mind due to their database monitoring and managing of database jobs that improve database effectiveness. We have a long-standing relationship with them. They’ve been responsive to our needs. They are competitive from a cost standpoint.”


For this S&P 500 financial services company, finding a reliable partner for their database management needs was essential. By choosing Datavail, they were able to improve the quality of their database administration, ensure round-the-clock coverage, and achieve peace of mind. Our remote management solutions and comprehensive assessments have proven instrumental in optimizing performance and minimizing disruptions. If you’re looking for expert support in managing your databases, consider partnering with Datavail – where peace of mind meets exceptional service.

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