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Datavail's consulting services provide the expertise and experience your organization needs. Discover how our expert remote and on-premise DBAs deliver flexible solutions to a variety of database concerns by downloading our collection of white papers, case studies, videos, webinars, and more. Filter by type, role, and technology using the options below to find what you need quickly and easily.

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Packing Essentials

Packing the Essentials for Your Journey to Cloud Analytics

Cloud computing can utterly transform your business processes for the better, but it's not a journey that you can make casually or overnight. Find out today what you need to do for your migration to the cloud by downloading Datavail's white paper.

Data Availability with Data Confidence

Data Availability with Data Confidence

This presentation explains how this, and more, can be a reality for your business, in a relatively short amount of time.

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Discovery Process Overview

Re-invention Starts with Datavail’s Discovery Process

Discovery clarifies the outcomes you want to achieve, the deliverables that will help you achieve them and the blueprint of what you’re building. Done right, discovery mitigates risk.

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IT Solutions Experts

Intelligent Technology Solutions from Utility-Savvy IT Experts

If you’re an electric utility, don’t you want people who understand the critical balance between the generation and load you must maintain … and what that means for your distribution system?

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Delivering Value Through Sustainable Innovation

Technology solutions are a big investment of time, attention and money for your organization. Our mission is to make sure your technology solution delivers value for a long time.

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Shorten Forecast White Paper

Shortening Forecast and Close Cycles by 50% So You Can See the Future Instead of the Past

Delays, inefficiencies, and technological difficulties are all unfortunately the norm during financial close and forecasting cycles. Despite the challenges, top-performing organizations are able to close their books in 12 days or less – which is less than half the time that it can take their most inefficient competitors.

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360 Hyperion Support

360-degree Hyperion Support Overview

Every organization has unique needs, which is why we offer 360-degree Hyperion support tailored to what will help your organization to improve the most.

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Cut Costs ROI White Paper

Cut Costs and Improve ROI: Turn EPM Pain into Business Gain

Stop thinking about Oracle Hyperion pain points and start thinking about possibilities. Find out how you can flip the script on Hyperion by filling out the form and downloading this white paper.

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ROI of Oracle EPM

The ROI of Oracle EPM Cloud vs. Hyperion On-Premises

Oracle EPM Cloud and Hyperion on-premises solutions support the same business process and provide very similar benefits. But, they work differently and the upfront investments vary, too.

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Clock Ticking Hyperion 11.2 WP

The Clock is Ticking on Hyperion 11.2: Why You Need to Start Planning Now

This white paper will discuss the fundamentals of performance testing, and review new methods to accomplish this vital best practice more quickly and efficiently.

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Closing the Gap Presentation

Closing the Gap: Hyperion On-Premise versus Cloud

This presentation will identify the gap reduction happening between Hyperion on-prem and EPM Cloud, and identify the important differences between the two so companies can make the best decision for their finance department.

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