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Sailing from Hyperion to 11.2.6 with Ease

Datavail Webinar

The Oracle Hyperion enterprise performance management (EPM) applications have been in the market for over 20 years and have delivered a great deal of value for many customers globally.

Thousands of organizations around the world are relying on multiple Oracle Hyperion EPM applications to support their critical finance processes.  This includes products such as Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Strategic Finance, Hyperion Profitability, Cost Management, and others. These have been market-leading products for many years, and customers have received great value from them.

With the growth of EPM Cloud, it has been a critical decision-making point for Hyperion EPM customers and is begging the answer to several questions. What is the future of Hyperion EPM?  Will the Hyperion latest version meet my organization’s needs and what will it cost to upgrade?

In this presentation, Shandy Bergeron, Senior Database Administrator defines the journey of one such Datavail customer, a global cruise company who sailed from Hyperion to 11.2.6 seamlessly and further now navigating towards latest Hyperion 11.2.9 with the latest system capabilities and being secured for next many years as Oracle has communicated that customers upgrading to this version of the Hyperion applications will be supported through 2031.

For a global cruise company that promises to make memories for its passengers, its staff relies on accurate planning, forecasting, and reporting systems to help them manage their business.

Attend this session to hear how the group unlocked and upgrading essential system features that provided greater security and enhancements to their multiple Hyperion applications

They said “Goodbye“ to:

  • Multiple points of maintenance
  • Multiple points of data integration
  • Security problems and outdated features
  • Time spent syncing and reconciling data across applications


Watch the Webinar Here

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