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Quality Auditing for Ticket Processing

Evaluating Quality Down to the Individual DBA Level


There’s only one way to maintain a continuous improvement effort. You need a clear, honest assessment of your starting point. That’s why Datavail has built an auditing process into every engagement we make. From the first “hello” when a representative answers a service call to the close of a ticket, Datavail scrutinizes each interaction for specific measures of professionalism and effectiveness.

This means that Datavail can evaluate quality right down to the individual DBA level. Our audit-based approach maintains high-quality service for each client we serve and allows us to continuously fine-tune the skills of our people. Our DBAs know the skills-building classes and training we offer is tailored specifically to them, and they respond positively to the feedback our audits generate. So do our clients, because each organization Datavail serves receives comprehensive reports on our audit findings. When you work with Datavail, you’ll know exactly how well we feel we’ve met your expectations and how your database issues are resolved.

Such analysis and reporting is one reason Datavail is the leading pure-play database services company in North America. To see how we evaluate our service quality download one or both of these white papers today.

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