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PeopleTools 8.53 to 8.58 Upgrade Tips for Success

Datavail Presentation

A case study of an intermodal and logistics giant and their PeopleTools upgrade.

For organizations that manage critical and complex tools like PeopleSoft on-premises, version upgrades can be a major headache. Software changes to core systems often have upstream and downstream consequences that can be difficult and expensive to resolve—especially in cases where several versions are skipped in the upgrade. And if the organization has done any in-house customization to the version it has in place, it is possible that all this development work would have to be redone from scratch after a version upgrade. This could delay efficiency gains, cost savings, and revenue opportunities.

Is your organization out of compliance with your current PeopleTools version?

Need to upgrade Micro Focus Visual Cobol?  Still on physical servers?  Legacy databases? Still using Crystal Reports?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This informative session covers all the attributes and hidden traps to perform a successful upgrade from PeopleTools version 8.53 to 8.59.  We will explore the approach, methodology, and risks when taking on this initiative and how one intermodal giant successfully upgraded its PT platform.

Learning Objective:

  • Business Use Case
  • Success Criteria
  • Risks and Mitigations
  • Project Governance
  • Approach, Scope, Timeline
  • Deliverables

Everything that you wanted to understand about upgrading PeopleTools but are afraid to ask!

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