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Our DBAs Talk About Datavail’s Culture

Datavail’s culture is described by employees as flexible, positive and a great environment to continue to build professional skills.


Show Transcript

Amy Malecka: The best thing about Datavail I think is having a support system of DBAs that I can collaborate with, talk out solutions with. I know Google is usually DBAs best friend, but I also have the opportunity to talk to real people about experiences they've had and solutions that they have implemented that can help me in my job. Chad Cleveland: We see so many different environments and so many different problems that you have to be able to react quickly and find a way to fix that problem. By doing that research and by fixing those problems, you are constantly pushing your skills, you are learning something new each day, day in, day out. When I was a DBA at organization X, I would go to work and I would do the same five things and go home and come back in and do the same five things. I think that's why there's no change in environment because people don't see new experiences, they don't see new ways to think of it. When Datavail comes in we say, "Hey, we should do this." It's like light bulbs open up in this DBA's eyes and say, "Wow, we've never thought of that before." Just by being put in different situations, my skill set is constantly being pushed, I'm constantly growing, I'm constantly learning. Megan: In my experience, I've worked with some of the larger outsourcer companies. They have a cookie cutter approach that applies to everything. It's harder to get in and be creative and fit into a current culture which I think we can do pretty well. Sen Subramaniam: I was referred to Davavail by one of my friends. Him and I were colleagues in a different company. He told me the nature of the work here. It's a pure play database company that's. It's completely focused on databases, customer service. I was really looking for an opportunity where I can thrive and go in this field of databases. This seemed like the perfect job. Peter Schroeder:One of the things that amazed me when I did take on this position was, when you are at a big company, things are set up already, things are working. Usually your job is, don't break it. Now when I work for Datavail, it's kind of like I see broken things, clients or other customers sometimes brought in for consulting work and things. I'm seeing things that I never imagined people would do or try. I use new features of Oracle that my company previously, we don't use this feature, well that's great, it worked for that company. Now I'm seeing that feature at other companies and stuff. My growth in knowledge of Oracle has widened greatly just by being in the spaces. Cuck Ezell: There are so many different things that we ran into that every day is different. I enjoy that, I enjoy the variety, the constant change. I do enjoy a high pressure environment. Stress is certainly something that not necessarily I would say I enjoy, but I do find that it's something that really gets me excited and it does motivate me. We do have a lot of customers who have a high availability production environment that need someone to go in in a calm manner, take a look at the problem, ask the right questions and fix what we find. Chad Cleveland: I was looking for a dynamic and different type of company. I wanted some place that was fun. It was just an organization of just a bunch of guys working their butts off, just being DBAs and having fun and goofing off. I wanted a position that I could have fun at and still have a career. That's what Datavail gives me. It allows me to pursue my personal interests and still have fun at work. Work should be a fun place. It shouldn't be something you have to do. Datavail makes it a place where I want to come to work.

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