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Oracle Enterprise Manager: 7 Robust Features to Put in Action

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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) brings your Oracle deployments together in a single management, monitoring, and automation dashboard.

Oracle developed this solution, so it offers deep integration with many of its technologies. The ease of integration, coupled with the support of both on-premises and cloud-based Oracle databases, allows it to fit into many enterprise infrastructures. OEM can also monitor and manage non-Oracle databases, making it a cost-effective and central tool to manage IT environments with a mix of database platforms.

The single point of control is appealing for complex enterprise infrastructures, especially when they’re heavily invested in Oracle technologies. Out-of-the-box monitoring and reporting templates cover many common use cases and simplify the configuration of management automation for databases, applications, and more. This presentation takes on a brief history of OEM and then does a deep dive into seven robust features organizations should consider implementing.

About the Presenter

Zane Warton is a Senior Oracle DBA for Datavail’s Oracle Practice and manages a team of six DBAs. He brings 20+ years of experience in IT and specializes in Oracle database administration from version 7.3.4 to 19c, and recently has added experience in AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He brings value to Datavail’s customers with his expert ability to troubleshoot database issues and solution them. Zane has obtained a Master of Science degree in Information Systems, after his Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology which had taught him that outside was hot, contained too many snakes, and that a life in IT might be more pleasant.

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