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NGL Supply Terminal Company: Harnessing the Power of Database Management


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective database management is crucial for organizations to stay competitive and maximize operational efficiency. This case study delves into the experience of NGL Supply Terminal Company, an Energy & Utilities company, and their successful partnership with Datavail Database Services. By addressing key challenges and leveraging the comprehensive solutions offered by Datavail, NGL Supply Terminal Company was able to optimize their database infrastructure and achieve remarkable results.

The Challenges: A Need for Efficient Database Management

Like many companies in the industry, NGL Supply Terminal Company faced several critical challenges that necessitated a reevaluation of their database management strategy. Here are the key obstacles they sought to overcome when they turned to Datavail:

Lower Costs

Seeking ways to reduce expenditures while maintaining high-quality services, NGL Supply Terminal Company aimed to lower their database administration costs without compromising on performance or reliability.

Enhanced Coverage and Support

Recognizing the importance of round-the-clock monitoring and support for their critical databases, NGL Supply Terminal Company sought a partner who could provide comprehensive coverage even during weekends and holidays.

Minimize Turnover and Burnout

With an eye towards employee well-being and retention, NGL Supply Terminal Company wanted to alleviate the burden on their in-house team by reducing turnover rates and preventing burnout caused by excessive workloads.

Optimal Resource Deployment

To streamline operations and make efficient use of available resources, NGL Supply Terminal Company aimed to redeploy or augment their existing staff with specialized expertise in database management.

The Solution: Leveraging Datavail’s Expertise

After careful evaluation of various options, NGL Supply Terminal Company chose Datavail as their trusted partner for comprehensive database services. The following features and functionalities played a key role in their decision:

Remote Database Management

By leveraging Datavail’s remote database management capabilities, NGL Supply Terminal Company gained a cost-effective solution that provided round-the-clock monitoring, maintenance, and support for their critical databases.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Datavail’s expertise in conducting meticulous database assessments and health checks enabled NGL Supply Terminal Company to identify areas of improvement, optimize performance, and enhance the overall quality of their database environment.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

With Datavail’s dedicated team of experts available around the clock, NGL Supply Terminal Company experienced unprecedented peace of mind knowing that their databases were continuously monitored, ensuring prompt issue resolution and minimizing downtime.

The Results: Empowering Success Through Database Management

The results achieved by NGL Supply Terminal Company after partnering with Datavail have exceeded expectations. Here are some notable benefits they have realized:

Lowered Database Administration Costs

By leveraging Datavail’s remote database management services, NGL Supply Terminal Company achieved significant cost savings while maintaining excellent service quality.

Improved Database Administration Quality

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of Datavail’s personnel, NGL Supply Terminal Company witnessed a marked improvement in the quality of their database administration practices.

Enhanced Coverage and Availability

With round-the-clock support from Datavail’s expert team, NGL Supply Terminal Company experienced a dramatic improvement in database coverage and availability, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Optimal Resource Allocation

By partnering with Datavail, NGL Supply Terminal Company was able to strategically allocate their resources, utilizing specialized DBA expertise where it was most needed while freeing up valuable internal staff for other critical tasks.

“Excellent quality service from a team of experts.”

In conclusion, the successful collaboration between NGL Supply Terminal Company and Datavail highlights the power of effective database management. By addressing challenges through comprehensive solutions tailored to meet specific needs, NGL Supply Terminal Company was able to optimize their database infrastructure, reduce costs, enhance coverage and support, and ultimately drive success in their operations. If your organization is seeking to unlock the true potential of your databases, consider partnering with a trusted industry leader like Datavail to harness the power of efficient database management. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards greater reliability, performance, and success.

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