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Multimedia Nonprofit Improves Fundraising with Snowflake Data Warehouse and Analytics Platform

Datavail Case Study

A nonprofit multimedia organization with a reach of 200 million, stretching across more than 66 percent of the U.S. population, and a dedicated listenership in all 50 states, was managing their valuable digital and fundraising data in a relational database.

The organization had used these tools for years with a small IT team to support them. As data volumes grew, more teams needed to access reports and the data environment became more complex, they realized that the existing architecture couldn’t provide the quality and accessibility they needed.

They decided it was time to create a modern analytics environment that would transform data into a strategic asset. They reached out to Datavail to discuss their challenges and find solutions that would allow them to maximize fundraising opportunities and keep their data fresh and accessible.

Download our paper to learn:

  • All the challenges the client faced with their analytics, including data integrity issues, that they needed to solve for, and how these challenges were hindering their ability to track the success of their fundraising efforts, as well as perform them more efficiently and effectively to maximize their initiatives and help more people.
  • How Datavail assessed the client’s environment and created a roadmap in order to achieve the goals the client desired. Additionally, how the environment was architected, what technology was used to achieve their data analytics goals, and what their analytics goals were.
  • How the analytics environment was built in phases, what the steps were within each phase, and how Datavail completed them. Additionally, what other analytics services were provided by Datavail.
  • The many key data objectives that were achieved for the client from this consultation and implementation, including data integrity and system reliability.
  • What an expert data analytics trusted advisor like Datavail can do for a company experiencing similar data challenges, and how they can help an organization modernize their data environment with emerging technologies such as Snowflake, and with complex migrations to the cloud such as Azure in order to take full advantage of the many capabilities the cloud has to offer that are not available on-premises.


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