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MongoDB on Kubernetes: How to Add Containerization Tech

Datavail White Paper

Containerization is a powerful and flexible way to create modular applications that can easily move between platforms. This software development movement provides several advantages when you need to move applications from on-premise into the cloud, create replica resources during the development process, and creating testing environments. Containers make it possible to achieve identical application performance no matter where you deploy them. This feature is attractive in complex development and production environments involving a wide array of infrastructure.

Cloud Foundry reports that 38 percent of companies use some form of container technology in their production environments. For public cloud-based deployments, Kubernetes is the leader with 85 percent of the workload share among users on Google Cloud Platform. It’s slightly less on Microsoft Azure, with a 65 percent share.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • MongoDB and Kubernetes overview
  • Features & benefits of MongoDB on Kubernetes
  • The steps for deploying the MongoDB Ops Manager to Prepare for Using Kubernetes
  • How to maximize the value of Kubernetes in a MongoDB environment

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