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Mid-sized Energy Company Calls Datavail DBAs "Outstanding Professionals"


In the fast-paced world of energy and utilities, managing databases efficiently and ensuring their availability round-the-clock is crucial for smooth operations. This case study highlights the experience of a medium enterprise in this industry who turned to Datavail. By harnessing the expertise of Datavail’s outstanding team of DBAs, this company was able to overcome challenges, improve their database performance, and achieve significant cost savings. Join us as we explore how Datavail helped this mid-sized energy company revolutionize their database management.


When the mid-sized energy company sought assistance from Datavail, they had identified several key challenges that needed to be addressed promptly:

  1. Enhanced Coverage: The company required 24×7 support for their databases, including weekends and holidays.
  2. Reduced Turnover and Burnout: They were concerned about staff turnover and burnout due to the demanding nature of managing databases.

Use Case

To meet these challenges head-on, the energy company engaged with Datavail for their expertise in handling a variety of databases, including Oracle, Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite), and Microsoft SQL Server. With Datavail’s range of services at their disposal, they were able to tackle these challenges effectively.

Remote Database Management

The company relied on Datavail’s remote database management services to ensure uninterrupted operations without having to maintain an extensive on-site DBA team. This approach allowed them to consolidate their resources while benefiting from the 24-hour support provided by Datavail’s DBAs.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

Keeping up with evolving technologies is essential for any organization’s success. With Datavail’s help, the energy company seamlessly executed database upgrades and migrations, minimizing downtime while maximizing efficiency.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Regular assessments and health checks are crucial in maintaining the optimal performance and security of databases. Datavail conducted thorough assessments for the energy company, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary measures to enhance database stability.

Performance Tuning

To ensure peak performance, Datavail’s DBAs leveraged their expertise in performance tuning. By fine-tuning configurations, optimizing queries, and monitoring resource utilization, they enhanced the overall efficiency of the company’s databases.


The partnership with Datavail yielded remarkable results for the mid-sized energy company. Here are some of the benefits they achieved:

Lowered Database Administration Costs

By leveraging Datavail’s remote database management services, the company was able to significantly reduce their database administration costs. They no longer needed a large on-site team, instead relying on a single on-site database manager who had access to Datavail’s team of DBAs as a 24-hour resource.

Improved Round-the-Clock Coverage

With Datavail’s support, the energy company achieved uninterrupted coverage of their databases throughout the day, night, weekends, and holidays. This ensured that any potential issues were swiftly addressed by a team of dedicated professionals.

Reallocated Staff Resources

By offloading routine database management tasks to Datavail’s experts, internal staff members were able to focus on more strategic initiatives within the organization. This reallocation of resources resulted in increased productivity and improved job satisfaction.

The energy company estimated saving between 10-25% in costs by leveraging Datavail’s remote database management services.


The case study of this mid-sized energy company serves as a testament to the outstanding expertise and professionalism exhibited by Datavail’s DBAs. By partnering with this leading provider of database management services, businesses can overcome challenges related to round-the-clock coverage, staff turnover, and burnout while achieving significant cost savings. If your organization is grappling with similar issues or seeking ways to optimize your database management processes, consider turning to an industry leader like Datavail. Experience the benefits of exceptional service and expertise that can revolutionize your database operations.

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