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Proven, repeatable testing and balancing of two payrolls with PayMatch®

Of all business departments, Human Resources is the one and only domain that connects everyone in an organization. So, while organizations are baffled about ways to enhance productivity and connect people; using an Oracle PeopleSoft application, helps simplify how companies pay their workforce efficiently and compliance proof across the globe irrespective of industry, company size, or worker type. Most payroll professionals agree that automation across the hire-to-pay process has made their job much more manageable. With the overnight pivot to remote working circumstances during the pandemic, the value of an automated and accurate payroll process is more apparent than it has ever been.

Organizations are striving hard to ensure streamlined back-end operations helping both employers and workers find the best matches. But during Oracle’s PeopleSoft tax update, change in benefits, organizational change, or application upgrade, fully automated data synchronization and accurate payroll data rendering with on-time salaries without undue cut is still the pressing priority.

PayMatch® automates the testing and balancing of two payrolls by comparing paycheck data across 11 categories like earnings, deductions & taxes any time there is a change between the baseline and updated payroll. It reduces testing time by over 90% and is especially useful during tax updates, patches, upgrades, conversions from 3rd party payroll providers, company mergers, etc. to make sure they don’t negatively impact payroll. It also provides a sanity check for period-over-period payroll audits (e.g. fat fingering) or to reduce fraud.

In this informational session, you will learn how PeopleSoft PayMatch integration helps map, test, and convert payroll data from one ERP to another with ease (e.g., PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud or SAP to Oracle Cloud) while creating no impacts on existing payroll systems and data.


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