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Meet Our DBAs - Megan Elphingstone

Oracle Database Administrator

Megan Elphingstone believes Datavail has a strong team of DBA’s that are dedicated to making things work successfully. Hear Megan’s story on choosing Datavail for her career path in this video.

Show Transcript

I started working in database administration at least 15 years ago when I was doing ERP manufacturing software implementation, but I've been hands on DBA for over 10 years. In my experience, I've worked with some of the larger outsourcer companies, and they kind of have a cookie cutter approach that applies to everything, and it's harder to get in and be creative to a current culture which I think we can do pretty well. The customers I work with vary from aerospace manufacturing to health care, data center hosting, and regular manufacturing. I chose to work at Datavail because I like to be with other really smart people and work with a diverse group of customers. Every day I'm talking to lots of different people at my different customer sites and I also have our whole team behind me if I have a question that I haven't faced before, or if it's something I have faced, but I think there might be a better way to do it. We have a fantastic off-shore team that covers us during the night and during the day if we're overwhelmed or we need extra help. I have a tier three counterpart in India, and our shifts overlap so we can coordinate and brainstorm together, but it also extends our day. He can start several hours before I wake up and deal with problems and then I take it through the rest of the day. Being a DBA can be really challenging because of the number of problems you face, but at Datavail, you have to face that problem once, or someone on your team has faced it once and then it's solved for every different customer that faces the same problem. I think we have a really good combination of 24/7 support and regular people that you would be willing to work with on a regular basis that you can see eye to eye with. We have a lot of really smart people on our team and we're very dedicated to making things work successfully.

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