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Meet Our DBAs – Chad Cleveland

Chad Cleveland appreciates being in a team environment that allows him to experience different challenges, allowing him to grow as a DBA.

Show Transcript

Fifteen years ago, I graduated from college and it was my goal to be an Oracle Database Administrator. I worked towards that and that's what I am now. I enjoy my job, and Datavail allows me to continually progress in my skills and see many different things and become a great DBA ... a better DBA. That's what Datavail gives me. It allows me to pursue my personal interest in my fun time, yet, still have fun at work. Work should be a fun place, it shouldn't be something that you have to do. datAvail makes it a place where I want to come to work. The best part of my job is that I get to see many, many different things. I get to experience different customers, different clients, different technologies, different platforms. Across all of those platforms, I get to become a better DBA. I get to see different things. I can take one experience gained from Customer A, and take that experience to Customer B and make both customers better and stronger. When I was a DBA at Organization X, I would go to work and I would do the same five things and go home and come back in and do the same five things. I think that's why there is no change in the environment, because people don't see new experiences. They don't see new ways to think of it. When Datavail comes in and we say, "Hey, we should do this." It's like light bulbs open up in these DBAs eyes. They say, "Wow, we never thought of that before." Just by being put in a different situation, my skill-set is constantly being pushed and constantly growing and constantly learning. If you want to become a better, stronger DBA this is a good place to learn. We have such amazing DBAs. We're such a tight-knit group of folk, that I can just ping one person and have an answer just like that. Boom. A wealth of knowledge at my disposal, helps me become a better DBA.

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