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Medium Enterprise Marketing & Advertising Company


In today’s fast-paced business environment, medium-sized marketing and advertising companies face unique challenges when it comes to managing their databases efficiently. They require robust solutions that provide round-the-clock coverage, improve the quality of their database administration, and reduce staff turnover. Enter Datavail, a trusted partner offering comprehensive remote and onsite database management services, assessments and health checks, as well as performance tuning.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

Lowering Costs

For our client, a medium enterprise marketing and advertising company, cost optimization is paramount. Balancing the need for high-quality database administration with budget constraints was a significant challenge.

Improving Database Administration Quality

As the backbone of their operations, effective database administration is crucial. Ensuring data integrity, security, and performance requires specialized expertise that was not readily available in-house.

Providing Better Coverage

Databases operate around the clock, making it essential for our client to have 24×7 support. Weekends and holidays are no exception. However, maintaining such coverage while keeping costs in check was demanding for our client’s internal teams.

Reducing Staff Turnover or Burnout

Reducing staff turnover and ensuring employee satisfaction is critical to maintaining stability within the organization.

The Benefits Achieved by Our Client

Through their partnership with Datavail, our client has reaped numerous benefits that have positively impacted their business operations.

Improved Quality of Database Administration

By entrusting their database management to Datavail’s team of experts, our client has experienced a marked improvement in the quality of their administration. From ensuring data integrity to implementing best practices, Datavail’s tailored solutions have elevated the standards of their database operations.

Enhanced Round-the-Clock Coverage

With 24×7 support provided by Datavail’s remote database management services, our client no longer worries about downtime or incidents during weekends or holidays. Their databases receive continuous monitoring and prompt resolution of any issues that arise – all without straining internal resources.

Efficient Staff Resource Allocation

By leveraging Datavail’s services, our client has successfully reallocated staff resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than being tied down by day-to-day database administration tasks. This has resulted in increased productivity and improved overall business performance.

Retention of On-Staff Resources

With the burden of database administration lifted, our client has been able to retain their existing staff members, preventing burnout and reducing turnover. This stability within the organization ensures continuity and fosters a positive work environment.

“Datavail has helped us achieve better overall availability, performance, and support of our database systems, having a direct positive impact on our business.”

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