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Enhancing Database Administration for a Medium Enterprise Health Care Company


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficient database management is crucial for delivering reliable services and maintaining smooth operations. This case study explores how Datavail’s comprehensive solutions transformed the database administration practices of a medium enterprise health care company. By addressing key challenges and leveraging our expertise, this organization achieved remarkable improvements in quality, coverage, and cost-efficiency.

Challenges: Meeting the Demands of Modern Healthcare

When our client, a medium enterprise health care company, sought our assistance, they faced several pressing challenges. These included:

  1. Improving Database Administration Quality
    Maintaining data integrity and ensuring optimal performance were critical concerns for our client. They required expert guidance to enhance their overall database administration practices.
  2. Providing 24×7 Coverage and Reducing Turnover
    The health care industry operates around the clock, necessitating continuous availability of vital information. Our client needed robust support to ensure seamless operations during weekends, holidays, and beyond. Furthermore, reducing on-staff turnover was paramount to avoid burnout and maintain stability.

Leveraging Datavail’s Solutions: Achieving Excellence in Database Management

Our team at Datavail worked closely with the health care company to address their unique needs effectively. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we revolutionized their approach to database administration.

Remote Database Management: Unparalleled Support from Afar

By leveraging remote database management capabilities, we provided proactive monitoring and maintenance round-the-clock. Our skilled professionals ensured consistent availability while swiftly addressing any potential issues that could impact performance or compromise data security.

Database Upgrades and Migrations: Seamless Transitions with Minimal Disruption

Upgrading databases can be a complex process that requires meticulous planning and execution. We seamlessly managed all upgrades and migrations for our client without disrupting their day-to-day operations or compromising data integrity.

Database Assessments and Health Checks: Ensuring Optimal Performance

To optimize their databases, we conducted comprehensive assessments and health checks. Through meticulous analysis and performance tuning, we identified potential bottlenecks, fine-tuned configurations, and implemented best practices to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Performance Tuning: Unleashing the Full Potential of Azure SQL Databases

Our expertise in performance tuning enabled us to unlock the full potential of our client’s Azure SQL databases. By optimizing pricing/performance tiers, we ensured they were operating at peak efficiency while minimizing costs.

Automated Job Creation and Monitoring: Streamlining Operations

To streamline routine tasks and improve productivity, we created and monitored automated jobs. By automating essential processes such as backups, maintenance tasks, and data synchronization, our client’s team could focus on higher-value activities while reducing the risk of human error.

Achieving Remarkable Benefits with Datavail

Through our partnership with Datavail, the medium enterprise health care company experienced significant benefits that transformed their database administration practices:

  1. Lowered Costs: By leveraging our remote database management services, our client reduced costs by over 50% compared to maintaining an in-house team. This allowed them to allocate resources more effectively.
  2. Improved Quality: Our attention to detail and performance recommendations elevated the quality of their database administration practices. With enhanced data integrity and system efficiency, they could deliver a reliable experience to their users consistently.
  3. Focused on Business Priorities: By entrusting their database administration responsibilities to us, our client’s team could shift their focus from technology management to strategic initiatives that directly contributed to business growth.
  4. Round-the-Clock Coverage: Our 24×7 support ensured uninterrupted operations even during weekends, holidays, or emergencies. The peace of mind provided by continuous availability was invaluable for a health care organization where every second counts.
  5. Retained On-Staff Resources: Instead of constantly grappling with staffing challenges and turnover, our client could retain their valuable in-house resources and allocate them to more impactful projects. This stability fostered a positive work environment and improved employee satisfaction.

Client Testimonials: Realizing the Value of Datavail’s Expertise

“Our databases are the foundation for our software. Datavail allows us to deliver a reliable experience to our users with their attention to detail, performance recommendations, and continuous availability.”

“Datavail has helped us tune our Azure SQL databases so that we are on the most cost-effective pricing/performance tier. The responsibility we offload to them is the same as us hiring four or five full-time DBAs.”

Conclusion: Empowering Healthcare Organizations through Comprehensive Solutions

Through our collaboration with a medium enterprise health care company, Datavail demonstrated its expertise in transforming database administration practices. By addressing critical challenges, providing comprehensive solutions, and delivering remarkable benefits, we empowered our client to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Whether your organization faces similar obstacles or seeks to optimize database administration practices, Datavail is committed to delivering tailored solutions that drive success.

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