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Maximize PeopleSoft ERP Before You Move to Cloud

Datavail Presentation

The on-premises PeopleSoft application has been a successful people solution for many years.

Based on how critical PeopleSoft is for your business operations, you may be continuing to invest in it – which is great. Because so is Oracle.

Oracle continues to make long-term investments in innovation and support for PeopleSoft well into the future with premier support through at least 2031. We have a rolling window of plus-10 years of Premier Support for the PeopleSoft continuous innovation releases so that you have a decade of committed support and can plan your enterprise software investments accordingly.

It has become more important than ever for you to analyze encountered issues with your current on-premises system. As we move ahead in this decade, there will be increasing system challenges coming forth with costly and time-consuming upgrades, system expert attrition, newer surrounding technologies, hardware investments and more importantly staying relevant with business changes. Additionally, your business must have implemented additional customized capabilities which may no longer be in sync with your business and these outdated customizations can prove to be a dollar drain and void.

There are three pillars that help you on to journey successfully to digital transformation:

  1. Technology Shift from on-premises to cloud – You get agility, cost-saving, and faster results
  2. Business Model Shift – The Direct to Consumer (DTC) model where providers create direct relationships and get direct feedback from consumers
  3. Cultural Impact and Readiness – A focus on responsible use of technology, organizational change & the reskilling of the workforce

This presentation will help you identify clear, concise reasons to create your business case for leveraging current solutions and extending innovations faster with cloud platform services that can be more economical, efficient, effective, and future-ready.

About the Presenter

Gurmeet Bhatia has over 25 years of strategy, process, and technology expertise across various industries including media & entertainment, CPG, high tech, renewable energy, retail, telecom, food processing, shipping & logistics, and more.

Holding an Advanced Management Master’s program from Harvard and MIT in leadership, organizational development & human cognitive science, he has held executive-level roles and responsibilities within the IT space and has led multiple M&A transitions and transformations. Gurmeet has a passion for management and IT and is a member of several management & IT advisory boards for organizations and start-up incubators, working with Tier-1 educational institutions.

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