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Large Hospital Network Gains Reliable Quality Assurance and Software Testing Support

Datavail Case Study A large North American healthcare organization and hospital network is a critical component to the delivery of healthcare services for a large geography of hospitals and patients. In order for healthcare services to be delivered continuously and quickly, patients, doctors, hospitals, and government entities rely on applications built by this organization to ensure patients are matched with healthcare facilities with enough beds and resources to accommodate them.

With such high priority use cases – and with such complex and robust applications – this organization needed a reliable, consistent partner to help them make changes to the applications, execute rigorous quality assurance and testing, and enable high performance with little downtime.

Datavail has been an application development partner with this organization for over a decade. One of the critical functions we provide is quality assurance (QA) and software testing services to ensure all application changes are released without any high/medium defects or performance issues, and that each application function performs as expected with high patient and facility satisfaction.

In this case study, we will review the QA and software testing challenges and requirements of this healthcare organization, how Datavail delivered on those requirements, and the benefits they received from the consistency and reliability of our QA team.

Download our paper to learn more about:

  • How QA & Software Testing in many industries and companies can mean the difference between life or death, particularly in this case study. Also learn more about this company’s unique situation, and why it was critical that its application release did not include any defects, especially high/medium ones, or performance issues, and also could not tolerate any downtime. Additionally, find out more regarding how Datavail provided QA and testing services within the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process.
  • The specific strategies and tactics Datavail used to ensure efficient and detailed QA for this company across all application development projects before, during and after the 2020 pandemic, including a well-defined and proven software development quality assurance and testing process that includes more than executing the test cases and reviewing test case results.
  • What technology and tools were used to execute our series of standard QA and software testing practices and ensure the client’s applications were functioning smoothly and ready for prime time, every time, as well as a list of the types of tests that we provided that were vital to providing the high-quality QA for this client.
  • Other important tactics that we also implemented in addition to the different types of tests we conducted, to ensure that the quality of the application was top-notch and that there would be no user or performance issues.
  • The advantages the client has been able to benefit from due to Datavail’s careful and rigorous QA and software testing services, even with a faster pace of necessary software releases needing to be launched every year.
  • Why companies should partner with Datavail for their QA and software testing needs.
    We have years of experience to help you deliver applications in less time, so you can gain faster ROI and quicker time to value from your applications.

    Our teams of skilled and experienced QA Engineers have performed the rigorous process of testing applications for hundreds of companies as part of their SDLC process – on a project basis, to augment AppDev teams, or to provide longer term managed services, for companies in a wide variety of industries and capacities.

    Other reasons include Datavail’s:

    • Flexible Delivery – Datavail’s services can be delivered in an onshore (onsite or offsite), offshore, or dual-shore model using our lab facilities or yours.
    • QA as a Service – Our testing solutions can be applied within the SDLC process, as independent initiatives, or in an ongoing managed services and support capacity, in the form of “QA as a Service” or QAaaS.
    • Cost Efficiency – Save money by outsourcing your important QA and testing needs – let us worry about hiring, staffing and training costs.
    • Experienced, Expert Team – Datavail has 17+ years’ experience developing QA & training teams who are incorporated within our own AppDev practice, so we are not starting from scratch. We have the knowledge, skills and learning curve to do it for you more efficiently and effectively.
  • To learn more about how we can help you deliver consistent, reliable QA and testing for your applications, contact our experienced team.


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