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A Database Partner to Support Enterprise Insurance Company


In the fast-paced world of large enterprise insurance companies, finding reliable and efficient support for database management is crucial. That’s where Datavail Database Services comes in. This case study highlights the exceptional benefits that a leading insurance company experienced after partnering with Datavail. From lowering costs to improving database administration quality, Datavail proved to be the best choice for this enterprise. Join us as we explore the challenges faced, the solutions provided, and the outstanding results achieved.

Addressing Key Challenges

When our profiled insurance company sought a partner to address their pressing challenges, they turned to Datavail Database Services. The primary obstacles they aimed to overcome were:

  1. Lowering costs: As an enterprise-scale organization, cost optimization is always top-of-mind. The company needed a solution that could deliver efficient database management services while reducing expenses.
  2. Improving database administration quality: Ensuring smooth operations and high-quality performance of databases is paramount in the insurance industry. The profiled company recognized the need for expert support to enhance their database administration practices.

Leveraging Datavail’s Capabilities

To tackle these challenges head-on, our profiled company embraced various key features and functionalities of Datavail Database Services. They utilized Datavail in the following ways:

  1. Remote database management: By leveraging Datavail’s remote services, the company gained access to a team of experienced professionals who could efficiently manage their databases from afar.
  2. Database assessments and health checks: To optimize their database performance and identify potential issues before they become critical problems, our profiled company regularly engaged with Datavail for thorough assessments and health checks.
  3. Performance tuning: With Datavail’s expertise in performance tuning, our profiled company was able to fine-tune their databases for optimal speed and efficiency.

Exceptional Results Achieved

The partnership between our leading insurance company and Datavail Database Services yielded remarkable results. Here are some of the benefits they achieved:

  1. Lowered database administration costs: By utilizing Datavail’s remote database management services, the company was able to save between 10-25% in costs, freeing up resources for other critical areas.
  2. Improved quality of database administration: Thanks to Datavail’s expertise and dedication, our profiled company experienced a significant improvement in the overall quality of their database administration practices.
  3. Enhanced DBA coverage and expertise: With access to an exceptional team of dedicated US and offshore DBAs, our profiled company witnessed a substantial improvement in DBA coverage and expertise, ensuring that their databases were well-supported at all times.
  4. Improved database availability, reliability, and performance: Through Datavail’s comprehensive services and proactive approach to managing databases, our profiled company saw a notable improvement in database availability, reliability, and performance.

The success of this partnership is best captured by the words of our client:

“I have worked with a number of suppliers over the years and Datavail is by far the best. They were there when I needed them, adjusting the staffing size to meet my needs in very short order.”

“Having Datavail as a partner to support MSSQL, Oracle, and SharePoint gave me peace of mind during a transitional period.”

Partner with Datavail for Unmatched Expertise

If you’re seeking unparalleled expertise in database management for your large enterprise insurance company or any other industry verticals, look no further than Datavail Database Services. Our proven track record speaks for itself. Join countless satisfied clients who have experienced cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and reliable support from our exceptional team of professionals.

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