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Enterprise Insurance Company Enhances DBAs Work Life Balance


In the fast-paced world of large enterprise insurance companies, managing databases efficiently and effectively is crucial. The pressure to ensure 24×7 availability, handle complex queries, and maintain data integrity can be overwhelming for Database Administrators (DBAs). However, there is a solution that can alleviate these challenges and allow DBAs to finally get some well-deserved rest. In this case study, we will explore how Datavail, a trusted partner in remote database management services, helped a large enterprise insurance company overcome their obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

Addressing the Challenges

When this insurance company approached Datavail for assistance, they had specific challenges in mind. They wanted to shift their focus from technology to their core business operations while ensuring round-the-clock coverage for their databases, even on weekends and holidays.

A Comprehensive Use Case

The large enterprise insurance company entrusted Datavail with the management of their diverse database environment. With expertise in Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and DB2 databases, Datavail was well-equipped to handle the intricacies of each platform. The use case involved leveraging Datavail’s remote database management services to optimize performance, enhance security measures, and streamline operations.

Remarkable Results

Since partnering with Datavail, this insurance company has experienced significant benefits that have transformed their database administration landscape. One of the most notable achievements has been a substantial reduction in costs associated with database administration. By leveraging Datavail’s expertise and remote management services, they were able to allocate resources more effectively while still maintaining high-quality support.

Moreover, by offloading their database management responsibilities to Datavail’s team of experienced professionals, the insurance company was able to refocus its attention on its core business functions. This shift allowed them to drive innovation, improve customer service, and ultimately achieve greater success.

The insurance company also reported a remarkable 10-25% cost savings through Datavail’s remote database management services. This significant reduction in expenses allowed for further investment in other critical areas of their business.

“Since we engaged with Datavail, our DBAs are able to get some sleep and start fresh the next day.”

Improved Services, Enhanced Organization

In addition to cost savings and improved focus on core business operations, this large enterprise insurance company noted substantial improvements in various aspects of their organization. They rated the following Datavail services as having a positive impact:

  • DBA coverage: improved
  • DBA expertise: improved
  • Database availability: improved
  • Database quality: improved
  • Database reliability: improved

By ensuring comprehensive coverage, enhancing expertise, and improving database performance and reliability, Datavail has become an invaluable partner for this insurance company.

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