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Kscope Accelatis: Stanley Black and Decker Presentation Video Part 3: Analyzing Hyperion User Activity

In the third and final portion of our joint KScope presentation, Black & Decker discusses the benefits of being able to track user behavior and activities using Accelatis (recently acquired by Datavail) software.


Show Transcript

So user activity is one thing we can address to the business as the users. How it is going to help? You can track the user behavior, you can track the user actions, and you can track, let's say for the month end close, we have day zero to day five. But the close book says day three for us, but you see the heavily use is. Heavy uses is during the day three. Day two. So if you compare from day zero to day three, the graph goes up. The deadline is approaching the more users will see are using the system. So that's where we can address. And for the forecast cycles, we will see from day six to day 19. So that's where our forecast cycle starts. So based on that we track the user actions, we track the user behavior. Every day since we are rolling out new systems, we like to understand if the users are using the system in a right way or the wrong way. Are they imputing differently? Are they using the right forms? Are they using the right objects? Are they using the right tools like Smartview or planning interfaces where they are having problems. So this is helping us to go with the business. Hey, this is where the heavy use is. This is where the users are not using. This is where we know how to turn this on. We can log the system to avoid any mistakes and provide guidance. So, based on these things, we can give the guidance to those users as well as to the business and the finance teams.

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