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Journey to Azure: Transforming Your Oracle EBS Landscape

Datavail White Paper

Embarking on the journey to migrate your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Microsoft Azure raises pivotal questions:

  • How do you ensure that Azure delivers equal or superior performance compared to your current on-premises dedicated hardware?
  • What changes can you expect in your licensing structure, and how will it impact your costs and compliance?
  • In the transition to Azure, what level of support and guidance is available to navigate the new environment?
  • How do you architect your systems in Azure to achieve maximum redundancy and ensure continuous availability?

Our latest whitepaper, “Journey to Azure: Transforming Your Oracle EBS Landscape,” addresses these concerns head-on. Crafted by the experts at Datavail, this comprehensive guide provides a strategic blueprint for organizations ready to harness the benefits of Microsoft Azure. This document is your essential roadmap to a seamless and successful cloud migration, paving the way for enhanced agility, cost efficiency, and scalability for your business infrastructure.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Migration Imperative: Understand the strategic importance of migrating Oracle EBS to Azure for cost savings, agility, and growth
  • Strategic Insights: Gain key insights on performance, licensing, support, and system design for Azure migration
  • Cost Efficiency: Learn how Azure’s flexible pricing can lead to significant IT cost reductions in comparison to your current on-premises environment
  • Scalability: Explore Azure’s scalability to meet changing business demands with ease
  • Performance and Innovation: Discover how Azure enhances performance and fosters innovation through cloud services and AI
  • Migration Roadmap: Access a concise guide on the step-by-step migration process
  • Best Practices: Get tips on optimizing costs, performance, and integration for a smooth transition

Why Datavail?

Datavail stands as a beacon of expertise in the domain of Oracle and Azure migrations. With a proven track record of successful migrations, our partnership offers unrivaled knowledge and experience to guide your organization through its cloud journey. Engage with us for an Azure Foundations Assessment (AFA) to kickstart your migration process with confidence.

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