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It's End of Life for Windows Server 2008

After almost 12 years, Windows Server 2008 is facing the end of its lifecycle; support and security updates will end on January 14, 2020.

The good news… there are two terrific options available to replace it: Microsoft Azure or Windows Server 2019. Weather you choose to remain on-premise, move to the cloud or operate in a hybrid model – upgrading your legacy servers is an opportunity to gain new business benefits from the next generation of enterprise-level computing.

In this white paper we’ll discuss:

  • The issues with running a legacy server
  • How companies can not only prepare, but gain modernization benefits from an upgrade
  • How to take advantage of Microsoft’s extended support offerings
  • How to properly plan a migration project

In addition, we will cover some things to consider when choosing between Microsoft Azure or Windows Server 2019.

Simply migrating like for like is a lost opportunity to become lean, streamlined, and more productive than ever. Learn how a custom, step-by-step guide can help ensure you don’t miss anything on the road to efficiency.

Download The White Paper Here

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