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Investigating SQL Server Database Backup Options in Azure

In Both IaaS or PaaS Implementations

SQL Server Backups in Azure

Database backups and restores are a fundamental (and critical) skill-set of any MS SQL Server DBA. A solid backup plan is a requirement for most on-premise instances and things are no different in the cloud.

However, SQL Server database backups in Azure, in either an IaaS or PaaS implementation, introduce several distinct features which may help optimize a backup plan.

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Ideally I needed to go to a local drive on the SQL machine and that is great since I access right away in case for any reason I need to restore the data or some part of it. I do not need multiple data backups there on that local disk, maybe just one is enough to make my job that much easier in case I do need to restore that data. The local storage for the backup is not really whole picture, it is not a real backup, something goes wrong on this box and the database backups are lost then that would beat the whole show. We need a remote copy of this backup as well to have a true backup. This is a kind of nice, it qualifies for this serious backup, it is not in the same system as the data and it could even be a DR solution if it is remote enough. It could also be a convenience for anyone who might need the data since hopefully it is a centralized sever where other users can access that backup file.

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