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The Intersection of Upgrades and Migration for EBS: Choosing the Right Path

Datavail Webinar

Are you expanding your business? Is saving costs the right option for you now?

Are you at a juncture right now and need to decide whether to upgrade your current E-Business application or move to Cloud? If you belong to the on-premises ERP era, you will know that Oracle EBS has always been the top choice among businesses. But as the ERP solution evolved and led the way to a SaaS model, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP became the top choice, especially for companies that want to scale growth and faster conversions. Ever since Oracle ERP has made its way, it has empowered operations and finance to constantly innovate with a 50% lower cost than on-premises ERP.

Although Oracle ERP is promising, the number of businesses stuck around with Oracle EBS has been significant. That’s because Oracle recently made a historic announcement on their EBS roadmap, where they have guaranteed to offer premier support until 2030. They have also promised continuous innovation for R12.2 of the product. So, before you consider moving to Oracle ERP, pause and ask yourself if you’re using the EBS to its full potential.

This presentation will take you through the following options available for your business and what is the best choice for business continuity and growth. Should you opt for cloud migration or an E-Business Suite upgrade or a hybrid model!

Option 1: Do nothing. Stay with your current version of Oracle EBS. Since it is on-premises, you will not have access to any new tools or features.

Option 2: Upgrade to a higher version: If you consider upgrading to a higher version of Oracle EBS, do account for the additional cost along with the maintenance cost. Plus, you need to have a thorough change management strategy in place along with hardware and OS upgrade.

Option 3: You might want to consider migrating to IaaS but know that you still won’t be able to leverage the power of Cloud applications that enables a smooth operational experience.

Option 4: Migrate to Oracle cloud. With lower cost and low maintenance, you can have an agile system in place with increased operational efficiencies.

About the presenter:

Mahesh Vanapalli is a graduate of Nagarjuna University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering and an IT professional with more than 16 years of experience. His technical background includes implementing and supporting Oracle Applications with VLDB, Global Implantations, and complex solutions across industry sectors such as finance, manufacturing, mining, and health care. During that time, he has worked extensively with Oracle EBS, Oracle EPM, GoldenGate, and OBIEE.

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