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Informatica Health Checks

Backup and Restore SQL Server DB in Azure

ETLs are the foundation of analytics and reporting systems. Informatica empowers you to extract, transform, and load so you have clean data for every decision or application.

But, you need your Informatica properly configured and fully functional 24×7.Download the on-demand webinar to learn how to run Informatica health checks.

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Below is a preview of the webinar transcript. Hopefully, that gives you a sense of who we are and maybe a broad stroke on the kind of customers that we support across all kinds of different industries, all kinds of different system, different implementations. When we start thinking about health checks, for us we have a certain mindset where we want to be as thorough as we can. We certainly want to be able to collect all of the details. We want to look at not just the database, but anything any other peripheral piece that might attach to it, and it gives you a much more comprehensive view of the database and all of the other tools potentially that touch it. Looking at the data itself, where the data lives, how healthy is that data? Kind of thinking more specifically about Informatica when we have these workflows, these ETLs that we’ve built there are unique touch points for each ETL for each Informatica workflow, and there are problems that can occur when we don’t manage our data, when we don’t really pay attention to the storage speed or the infrastructure where the system is running. Fill out the form to the right to watch the webinar in its entirety. >>

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