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Implementing Oracle BI: An Interview with Christian Screen

Christian Screen, Oracle Analytics Practice Director, discusses the framework of OBIEE, OBIA, and Hyperion, and how a thorough implementation of these applications by Datavail’s Oracle Analytics team can create a robust infrastructure for a company’s Business Intelligence system.

Show Transcript

Our organization specializes in Oracle Analytics, Oracle BI and Oracle EPM, which is Enterprise Performance Management. We’ve gone through several certifications within Oracle to meet their requirements that basically states that we are confident and competent with our capability of working with the Oracle products. For any organization that’s looking to implement such products as Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence applications, Hyperion, Hyperion planning, it shows that we are capable of working with those tools in such a way that we’re able to implement with best practices and thought leadership.

The Oracle Business Intelligence and the Oracle BI Analytic Stack is very broad. Actually, there’s a lot of tools that are being sunset today, and there’s some tools that are clearly the concrete direction within the Oracle organization. There’s tools, such as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, which is also referred to as OBIEE or Obie, also called OBI. Then, there’s also this really solid solution from Oracle call Oracle Business Intelligence applications. These are the pre-built Oracle Analytics modules which are based really in four to five components out of the box as a commercial off-the-shelf Oracott solution.

Once of the things we’re seeing in the market today is that organization are now seeing the benefit of incorporating Oracle Business Intelligence applications to utilize an analytics capability from their system of record. System record being E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft or JD Edwards. One of the benefits that we bring to our Enterprise customers is being able to incorporate Oracle Business Intelligence and the OBIA modules on top of those systems of record so that they’re able to not only have the capability look at historic information and trend analysis, but they’re also able to get at their data from the system of record quicker, faster and much more intuitively than they could have through the EBS or PeopleSoft system of record themselves. We think there is a scarcity of resources that can support the Oracle Analytics and Hyperion systems. It does take a specific skill-set and years of experience working with these tools to be able to support, maintain, patch, deploy, or otherwise simply maintain these systems.

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