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Data Summit 2022 – How do I Know My Machine Learning Data Model is Good?

Datavail Presentation

This presentation from Jorge Anicama, Director of Analytics at Datavail, was conducted at Data Summit 2022.

The presentation addresses how a data model is the key output part of a machine learning (ML) process. It helps the prediction of new outcomes as new values are inserted into it. But how can we make certain that we have the right data model? Each ML technique is associated with metrics that evaluates the ML data model performance.

This presentation addresses the data model question and demonstrates the most commonly used ML techniques and algorithms, along with their corresponding data model evaluation metric.

About the Presenter

Jorge Anicama, Director of Analytics at Datavail

Jorge Anicama is a data management and analytics professional with over 15 years of experience in all phases of management & planning, implementing Data Integration and BI/Data Warehousing Solutions for customers in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Mr. Anicama also helps companies define and execute enterprise-wide BI solutions from inception to delivery to ongoing growth. His experience ranges from Master Data Management, Data Governance to Data Warehousing, Advanced & Predictive Analytics, and Cloud Analytics solutions using platforms like Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS, MSFT Azure, and Google Cloud.

Mr. Anicama possesses a Master in Mathematical Sciences (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru) and a Master in Computational Algebra (Mathematics Research Institute at Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands.) He fluently speaks Spanish, English, German, and some Portuguese.

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