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How DevOps is Impacting the DBA's Role

DevOps Impacting DBAs Role

As the paradigm of business changes and adapts to new technologies and strategies, the role of DBAs must adjust too. In 2016, the wave of change is called DevOps, the combination of working relationships between Development and Operations. While the typical definition and implementation of a DevOps environment do not outline a specific role for the DBA to play, this change in form and function throughout IT will require DBAs to completely rewire their thinking when it comes to their position.

Task-oriented approaches will need to become more strategic; independent duties will necessarily need to become more collaborative.

In this white paper, we’ll cover these changes in depth, starting with our definition and role of DevOps in IT. We’ll review a brief timeline to establish the importance of DevOps in modern business, and then dive into how these changes impact the job functions of DBAs. Strategies for effectively supporting DBAs in their new role will round out this paper along with several case studies that demonstrate support services that can alleviate the demand as DBAs adjust to this environment. DevOps has proven it’s here to stay and so are DBAs; it’s time to explore the layout of the new sandbox.

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