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How Development & Applications are Changing

Chuck Ezell, VP of Data Integration at Datavail discusses how the diversity of platforms and languages has led to the demand to push code changes with greater speed and frequency.

Show Transcript

In the past few years, I've seen a lot of changes occur. Not only do we have multiple new languages, we have multiple new platforms. But now we are developing for mobile devices, televisions, all kinds of, you know, wearable devices, so the platforms have broadened. The skill set broadened. They've broadened to the point to where now you don't just have a single language. Now we want to be able to deliver improvements to our mobile devices more quickly. How often do we wake up the morning and we have four or five updates on our iPhone, and/or Android devices looking to update all the apps? There is a need to push changes, code changes out, frequently, faster. You know, database updates. It's no longer logging into our Windows laptops and waiting for the patches to install. We can talk about the need for this delivery of code changes being sped up. Databases themselves being spun up very quickly to build something. Drop it, we don't care about that database anymore. It used to be we would take, you know, a day or a week to build and structure a database, and it would live for ten, twenty years. Now we set it up for thirty minutes, we drop it, we move on. A lot of changes, and we will probably continue to see changes like this as these devices grow.

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