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How Datavail Is Different From Other Managed Service Providers

Flexible in an Organized Approach

Keenan Phelan, Datavail’s COO and EVP of Global Services, believes that our ability to make changes very quickly to meet our clients’ needs sets us apart from other managed service providers. Despite a very structured delivery methodology, Datavail is able to be flexible in an organized approach.

Show Transcript

Because we concentrate in one area, because we just do data base administration, we are able to make changes dynamically, to implement things very quickly, to be very creative about the way we deliver to customers. We have a very structured delivery methodology, but ironically, I think of it as traffic lights. Nobody likes stopping at a traffic light, but could you imagine trying to drive through any downtown without them? What the traffic light enables you to do is get wherever you want to go, however you want to get there, fairly creatively. We do the same thing. We have a very structured way of delivering that enables us now to be very creative in the way, and what we do, and how we deliver it to our customers. What I really like about the job is just that idea that we can take an idea as a management team, deliver it, and impact incredibly quickly. Having run much, much larger operations in the past, and more complicated operations, making material changes, especially in a managed service business, was like turning a battleship. We are a much more nimble organization. The other thing is, for the people that work for us, they really enjoy it. They're incredibly empowered, even down to the lowest levels in the organization. The primary DBA and the tier 3 DBA in India, are very empowered people. They are probably the single most important aspect of the perception of our customers as client, as far as client satisfaction. At Datavail, we're able to make changes and see them come to fruition incredibly quickly. Probably the best thing I've ever heard a client say in different ways, is a general theme. "I wasn't sure about them when I hired them, but boy, I don't know what I'd do without them now."

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