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How Datavail Benefits from Shared Knowledge

Datavail’s VP of Sales, David Boyle, shares his thoughts on how Datavail clients benefit from the diversity of knowledge shared by Datavail DBAs. Clients have access to Datavail’s full team of experienced DBAs.

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When a client is reaching out to Datavail to have a discussion about their potential needs, what they should expect from Datavail is a very transparent and open discussion about what problems they're trying to solve for and the solutions and capabilities that Datavail has. We aren't there to put up a smokescreen and talk about capabilities and vaporware and what might be, but rather we're there to partner with the client, to be transparent about what we can and can't do, and if there's a mutual fit then we can do business together. If there's not a good fit, well, that's okay with us through that process. As clients engage Datavail, either to become their DBA function or to supplement their on-staff DBA capability, they don't just get one DBA that comes with a certain level of knowledge and a certain level of experience across a certain set of tools and platforms. They get a lead DBA who's going to be very senior in their space, but that lead DBA exists as part of a large team of lead DBAs who they can leverage to fill any potential gaps, whether it be replication or high availability or backups or tools. That collective knowledge of all of our senior DBAs is brought to each client. Furthermore, since all we do is database administration, we Datavail, spend a tremendous amount of time learning tools and developing intellectual property that also comes to bear in each of our clients. A collection of scripts, our Datavail Delta Monitoring Tool for SQL server, our built-in ITSM platform. All of that knowledge, experience and tooling also comes in to the client environment.

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