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How a Data Governance Program Improved Data Quality for a Large International Organization

Datavail Case Study

Our Client is a non-profit organization that provides customers with humanitarian services in the United States and around the world. Their staff and volunteers deliver vital services to people in crisis. The Client’s management team wanted to improve the organization’s ability to understand and forecast the needs of the people it helps.

Datavail’s expertise in helping clients use data as a strategic business driver was just what the client was looking for. Working together, Datavail and the client were able to solve existing issues, then set up a foundation for collecting, analyzing, and using data in the future.

In this case study, we provide an overview of how we established a comprehensive Data Governance program for the organization. Download this case study to learn:

  • The challenges the client was trying to solve for – Gathering and analyzing information about the Client’s customers is critical to their ability to provide the right services and give customers the best experience at the same time. Departments across the organization had established ways to perform this important function, but the Client wanted to develop an organization-wide approach. Their challenges are listed and explained.
  • Why the Client chose Datavail – After discussions with Datavail, the Client believed that Datavail’s team could provide the needed business and technical expertise they needed along with the organizational processes and skills to help them meet their challenges.
  • The solution provided by Datavail – Datavail created a Data Governance Center of Excellence (COE) that was built as a model for an initial Business Unit (BU) to eventually be expanded out to other BUs within the organization. It has become the framework for an enterprise-level program that will expand to every BU in the organization.
  • The results – At the end of the project, the Client had identified a Data Governance Officer who will manage the program and processes in place within the pilot phase. This model will be distributed across the entire organization as the standard approach. This was an iterative process which was defined, tested, and refined as needed.
  • Datavail’s Data Governance Services – Datavail takes a holistic, non-invasive approach to data governance to align all facets of your organization. This lets you ensure that data assets are of the highest quality and integrity while remaining compliant and adhering to best practices. We’ve helped hundreds of clients get a better grip on their enterprise data including implementing strong data governance strategies.
  • Conclusion – The Client is now confident that their data governance process will result in trusted data that they can rely on to help them do an even better job of helping people in crisis. They’re also on their way to becoming a data driven organization with the help of their newly minted data governance program.

Contact Datavail’s data quality and data governance experts to improve the quality of your data and help you achieve your goals.

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