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High Point Resources


In the fast-paced world of energy and utilities, maintaining efficient and reliable databases is crucial for success. High Point Resources, a leading company in this industry, recognized the need for expert database administration to overcome their challenges and drive their business forward. Enter Datavail, a trusted partner providing comprehensive database management services. In this case study, we will explore how High Point Resources leveraged Datavail’s solutions to lower costs, improve administration quality, and achieve round-the-clock coverage for their critical databases.

Lowering Costs: A Strategic Approach

One of High Point Resources’ primary objectives was to reduce their database administration costs without compromising on quality. By partnering with Datavail, they were able to achieve substantial cost savings through remote database management. This approach eliminated the need for hiring additional full-time staff or investing in expensive infrastructure. Instead, Datavail’s team of highly skilled professionals took charge of managing and monitoring High Point Resources’ databases remotely. The result? Significant cost reduction without sacrificing performance or security.

Improving Administration Quality: Expertise at Your Service

High Point Resources sought to enhance the overall quality of their database administration practices. With Datavail’s vast experience and deep knowledge in this field, they found the perfect solution. Through regular assessments and health checks conducted by Datavail’s experts, High Point Resources identified potential areas for improvement and implemented necessary changes promptly. This proactive approach not only improved system performance but also ensured that best practices were followed consistently across all databases.

Database Upgrades and Migrations: Seamlessly Transitioning Ahead

Upgrading databases and migrating data can be complex tasks that require careful planning and execution. High Point Resources turned to Datavail for assistance in these critical projects. Leveraging their expertise in handling such transitions smoothly, Datavail successfully upgraded High Point Resources’ databases while minimizing downtime and mitigating risks. Their meticulous approach ensured that all data was migrated accurately, and the upgraded systems were up and running seamlessly, without any disruptions to the business operations.

Performance Tuning: Unleashing the Full Potential

In a data-driven industry like energy and utilities, high-performance databases are essential for efficient operations. Datavail’s team of performance tuning experts worked closely with High Point Resources to optimize their database systems for maximum efficiency. By analyzing query performance, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing targeted optimizations, they significantly improved response times and overall system performance. This resulted in faster data retrieval, enhanced user experience, and increased productivity across the organization.

Achieving Round-the-Clock Coverage: Your Database Guardian

High Point Resources recognized the importance of having continuous coverage for their databases, even outside regular office hours or during holidays. Datavail provided them with a reliable solution by offering 24×7 support and monitoring services. With their team of dedicated professionals constantly watching over High Point Resources’ databases, potential issues were identified and resolved promptly – often before they could impact critical business processes. This round-the-clock coverage ensured uninterrupted operations and peace of mind for High Point Resources.

Reallocating Staff Resources: Focusing on Core Competencies

By partnering with Datavail for their database administration needs, High Point Resources was able to reallocate valuable internal resources to focus on their core competencies. The burden of day-to-day database management was lifted from their shoulders, allowing them to redirect their skilled personnel towards strategic initiatives that drove growth and innovation within the company. This shift not only enhanced overall productivity but also fostered a more agile and dynamic work environment.

“We’ve been with Datavail 8+ years; having 24×7 support and eyes on our databases is valuable.”

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