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Health Medx "Dramatically Improves" Database Coverage, Reliability, Quality


In this case study we explore how HealthMEDX partnered with Datavail to address their database administration challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Addressing Database Administration Challenges

When HealthMEDX decided to enlist the services of Datavail, they had several key challenges in mind. Their objectives were clear:

  1. Improve database administration quality.
  2. Provide comprehensive coverage for their databases, including 24×7 support during weekends and holidays.
  3. Reduce staff turnover and prevent burnout.
  4. Optimize on-staff resources through redeployment or augmentation.

Leveraging Datavail’s Expertise

To tackle these challenges head-on, HealthMEDX turned to Datavail’s unrivaled expertise in Microsoft SQL databases. They utilized Datavail in the following ways:

Onsite Database Management

Datavail’s team collaborated closely with HealthMEDX’s IT department to provide hands-on support for onsite database management tasks. This ensured that any issues or maintenance requirements were swiftly addressed without disrupting operations.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

With extensive experience in database upgrades and migrations, Datavail guided HealthMEDX through seamless transitions to newer versions of Microsoft SQL. Their expertise minimized downtime and potential risks associated with such critical processes.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Datavail conducted thorough assessments and health checks of HealthMEDX’s databases to identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement. These proactive measures helped detect potential bottlenecks before they could impact performance or data integrity.

Achieving Remarkable Results

Since partnering with Datavail, HealthMEDX has experienced a multitude of benefits that have transformed their database administration practices and operations. Here are some of the remarkable results they achieved:

Improved Quality of Database Administration

By leveraging Datavail’s expertise and strategic approach, HealthMEDX witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of their database administration. The attention to detail and proactive measures implemented by Datavail ensured that their databases operated optimally, delivering reliable performance.

Round-the-Clock Coverage

One of the key challenges HealthMEDX sought to address was comprehensive coverage for their databases, even during weekends and holidays. With Datavail’s 24×7 support, they gained peace of mind knowing that expert assistance was available whenever needed.

Optimal Resource Allocation

Datavail’s partnership allowed HealthMEDX to reallocate their on-staff resources effectively. By relying on Datavail’s specialized services for database management, HealthMEDX could redirect their internal resources towards more strategic initiatives, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Retained On-Staff Resources

While resource optimization was a priority, retaining valuable on-staff talent was equally crucial for HealthMEDX. With Datavail’s support and expertise, they were able to create an environment where talented individuals could thrive without experiencing burnout or turnover.

Cost Savings through Remote Database Management Services

In addition to the operational benefits mentioned above, HealthMEDX also experienced tangible cost savings by utilizing Datavail’s remote database management services. These savings ranged from 10% to 25%, helping them optimize their budget while maintaining top-notch database performance.

Client Testimonial: Enhancing Quality and Saving Costs

“Datavail helped our organization save costs and improve the quality of our database administration.”

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