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Gila: A Case Study in Optimizing Database Administration with Datavail


In today’s business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and minimize costs. For Gila, a leading transportation services company, these goals were paramount when they turned to Datavail for their database administration needs. In this case study, we will explore how Gila utilized Datavail’s Database Services to overcome various challenges and achieve remarkable results. From lowering costs to improving round-the-clock coverage, Gila’s experience showcases the transformative power of strategic database management.

Challenges: Addressing Key Pain Points

When Gila partnered with Datavail, they had clear objectives in mind. They aimed to tackle several pressing challenges that were hindering their operations:

Lower Costs

Gila sought to optimize their database administration costs without compromising on quality or performance. They recognized the potential for significant savings by partnering with a trusted database service provider.

Improve Database Administration Quality

With a vast amount of data at stake, Gila needed top-notch expertise to ensure the smooth functioning of their databases. By leveraging Datavail’s services, they aimed to enhance the quality and reliability of their database administration.

Focus on Core Business

Like many businesses, Gila wanted to shift their focus away from technology-related tasks and concentrate on their core competencies. By offloading the burden of database management onto Datavail, they could allocate more resources towards growing their business.

Enhanced Coverage and Support

Gila required uninterrupted coverage for their critical databases – 24×7 availability including weekends and holidays. This necessitated a reliable partner who could provide round-the-clock support and address any issues promptly.

Leveraging Datavail Database Services

To tackle these challenges head-on, Gila strategically leveraged various features and functionalities offered by Datavail Database Services:

Remote Database Management

By entrusting their database administration tasks to Datavail’s team of experts, Gila benefited from remote management capabilities. This allowed for seamless monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of their databases, regardless of location.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

With Datavail’s expertise in database upgrades and migrations, Gila successfully implemented crucial updates and transitions without disrupting their operations. This ensured that their databases were always up-to-date and optimized for performance.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

To continuously monitor the health and performance of their databases, Gila relied on Datavail’s comprehensive assessments and health checks. These regular evaluations provided invaluable insights into potential issues or areas for improvement.

Performance Tuning

Recognizing the importance of database performance for their operations, Gila utilized Datavail’s performance tuning services. Through fine-tuning and optimization techniques, they achieved enhanced efficiency, reduced response times, and improved overall system performance.

Remarkable Results: A Transformational Partnership

The partnership between Gila and Datavail yielded remarkable results across various aspects of database administration:

Lowered Costs with Remote Database Management

By embracing Datavail’s remote database management services, Gila achieved substantial cost savings of 25-50%. With a more efficient allocation of resources and elimination of unnecessary overheads, they were able to optimize their budget while maintaining high-quality support.

Improved Coverage and Expertise

Gila experienced a significant improvement in round-the-clock coverage for their critical databases. Datavail’s dedicated team ensured that any issues were promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational continuity. Additionally, by tapping into Datavail’s deep expertise in database administration, Gila gained access to unparalleled guidance and support.

Enhanced Database Environment Quality

Through strategic assessments, health checks, upgrades, migrations, and performance tuning initiatives led by Datavail experts, Gila witnessed a dramatic improvement in the quality of their database environment. This translated into enhanced reliability, availability, and overall system performance.

“I have been working with Datavail for three years and they have gotten us through many issues and are always there when we need them. I like the team I work with.”

Gila’s partnership with Datavail is a testament to the power of strategic database management in driving operational excellence. By entrusting their database administration needs to a trusted partner, Gila successfully addressed their challenges, achieved remarkable results, and unlocked new opportunities for growth. Lower costs, improved coverage, enhanced expertise, and optimized performance are just a few of the benefits that Gila experienced on their journey with Datavail.

If your organization is seeking to optimize database administration, enhance performance, and drive cost savings, it’s time to consider the transformative potential of partnering with a dedicated provider like Datavail.

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