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The Success Story of Gila, LLC with Datavail Database Services


In this case study, we will explore the journey of Gila, LLC and how they leveraged Datavail’s services to streamline their operations and drive success.

Challenges Addressed by Datavail

When Gila, LLC decided to evaluate their database administration strategies, they were confronted with several critical challenges. These challenges compelled them to seek out a reliable partner like Datavail who could provide solutions tailored to their specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges faced by Gila:

  1. Lower Costs
    With increasing budget constraints and a need for cost optimization, Gila aimed to reduce database administration costs without compromising on quality.
  2. Improve Database Administration Quality
    Gila recognized the importance of maintaining high-quality database administration practices but struggled to do so effectively in-house. They sought a partner who could enhance their processes and elevate the overall quality of their database management.
  3. Focus on Core Business Objectives
    As a growing company, Gila wanted to shift its focus from technology-related tasks to core business activities. They needed someone who could handle their databases efficiently so that they could concentrate on strategic initiatives.
  4. Enhanced Coverage and Support
    Gila required round-the-clock coverage for their critical databases as well as support during weekends and holidays. They needed a partner who could ensure uninterrupted operations regardless of the time or day.
  5. Reduce Turnover and Burnout
    High staff turnover rates can be detrimental to any organization’s stability and performance. Gila wished to address this issue by partnering with a reliable database services provider who could alleviate the burden on their in-house team.

Utilizing Datavail Database Services

After careful evaluation, Gila identified that Datavail aligned perfectly with their requirements. They leveraged several key services offered by Datavail to optimize their database administration processes. Here’s how Gila utilized Datavail:

Remote Database Management

Datavail’s remote database management services enabled Gila to delegate the day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of their databases. This allowed Gila to focus on core business objectives while ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

With Datavail’s expertise, Gila successfully executed seamless database upgrades and migrations, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions. This ensured that their systems were always up-to-date and supported the latest technologies.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Datavail conducted comprehensive assessments and health checks of Gila’s databases, identifying areas for improvement and implementing proactive measures to enhance performance, security, and stability.

Results Achieved with Datavail

By choosing Datavail as their trusted partner, Gila witnessed remarkable improvements across various aspects of their database administration practices. The following results were achieved:

Lowered Database Administration Costs

Through efficient resource allocation and streamlined processes, Gila significantly reduced their overall database administration costs without compromising on quality.

Improved Quality of Database Administration

Datavail’s expertise and best practices elevated the quality of Gila’s database administration. With access to highly skilled professionals, they experienced improved performance, reliability, and security.

Enhanced Round-the-Clock Coverage

Gone are the days of worrying about critical database issues during weekends or holidays. With Datavail’s 24×7 coverage, Gila can now rest assured knowing that any potential problems will be swiftly addressed by a dedicated team.

Reallocation of Staff Resources

By entrusting their databases to Datavail, Gila was able to reallocate their in-house resources towards strategic initiatives and core business objectives. This resulted in increased productivity and efficiency.

Retained On-Staff Resources

Partnering with Datavail helped Gila reduce turnover and burnout within their database administration team. By providing expert support, Datavail alleviated the workload on Gila’s internal staff, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention.

“Very flexible, expert knowledge, willing to go above and beyond to accomplish tasks. Responds quickly.”

“They have helped us focus on our business by assisting with projects and implementations, keeping databases online during overnight failures, alerting to problems before the business finds them.”

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