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MySQL Group Replication: Main Features, Pros & Cons

Features, Pros and Cons of MySQL Group Replication

MySQL Group Replication is a MySQL plugin that provides high availability and a multi-master update-everywhere replication solution. It achieves this by database replication via a set of group communication primitives at its core. Those act as building blocks to create reliable, consistent, and dependable messaging between the servers in the group. This white paper outlines the main features of MySQL Group Replication as well as its advantages and limitations.

Learn about the technical details of the new and exciting MySQL Group Replication plugin and how it fits best into the overall picture of High Availability.

We will also discuss the performance of MySQL Group Replication in comparison to Galera and other HA solutions. Additionally, you’ll learn how the Group Replication plugin enables developers and DBAs to obtain elastic, highly available, and fault-tolerant replication topologies and how one can minimize the risks of losing data by having multiple copies of the same data. Discover the latest MySQL Group Replication enhancements and learn how you can leverage them.

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