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FCCS to ARCS: Compliance Reconciliation at Warp Speed

Datavail Webinar

FCCS (Oracle Cloud EPM Financial Consolidation and Close) is an out-of-the-box consolidation solution that Oracle launched after Hyperion Financial Management which comes with 11 predefined system dimensions and two custom dimensions. With FCCS, closing the books has become faster with transparent reporting and accurate data. If you have already implemented FCCS, achieving reconciliation compliance has become easier and quicker for you.

Reconciliations ensure that a company’s financial accounts are validated to and the balance in the account is correct. Because account balances are valid at a point in time, and business conditions change, it is critical that reconciliations occur. We know how critical it is for companies to reconcile deficits which may lead to stiff penalties.

Reconciliation Compliance helps manage account reconciliation processes, including balance sheet reconciliations, consolidation system reconciliations, and other reconciliation processes in effect.

Download this presentation to learn how Oracle ARCS can provide greater efficiency in your financial consolidation and close process. Also how to design, build, implement, validate, and test Reconciliation Compliance faster than ever before.

Presentation Key Highlights:

  • What is Account Reconciliation (ARCS)? Design, build, implement, validate, and test Reconciliation Compliance faster and more efficiently.
  • How to leverage FCCS dimensions and data integration for compliance reconciliation?
  • How to automate reconciliation tasks, support risk-based cycles, and gain real-time visibility into reconciliation performance?
  • How to use Smart View and Excel to build reference tables for the initial build and ongoing maintenance?
  • Learn how to convert dimensions into attributes and convert mapping records between applications.


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