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Extending WebLogic Domain

As business grows, so does your WebLogic domain. Are you ready to extend it?

Extending WebLogic Domain

The initial specs for your WebLogic domain called for about 1,000 transactions a day, each to be recorded via one admin server and four managed servers on two virtual servers. Now, your organization is processing 10,000 transactions a day.

Does this sound familiar? Is your performance suffering? Are service-level agreements taxed to the max? Is it time to extend your WebLogic domain to eight managed servers and six virtual servers? Do you even know where to start?

Extending or expanding your WebLogic Domain can mean many things. You might want to:

  • Expand a domain across servers
  • Add managed servers
  • Expand of create WebLogic Clusters

No matter what you’re planning to do, this whitepaper will help you do it the right way. Get a helpful primer on WebLogic infrastructure, constraints and best practices. Then, read an easy-to-follow how-to that will guide you every step of the way.

If your organization’s transaction volume has grown so dramatically that you’re looking at extending your WebLogic domain, you’re already really, really busy. Help yourself! Make the extension process easier by download the whitepaper today.

Download The White Paper Here

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