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Disruption & Digital Transformation – Higher Education and Public Sector

Datavail Presentation

Despite two years of upheaval and uncertainty, colleges, universities, state, and local governments have been finding a way forward. The global pandemic necessitated radical transformation across public sector and education, prompting new ideas and solutions for different services – staff and student email, research collaboration with international partners, remote courses and learning, the delivery of student services, constituent interactions, streamlined revenue management.

Colleges and universities must embark on a technological transformation to deliver campus experiences designed to increase employee and student collaboration and association, improve outcomes, and drive innovations and discoveries.

Public institutions have been wrestling with a cloud skills gap, whether they are cloud-first, just starting on the journey, or somewhere in between.

Datavail helps our clients reimagine constituent interactions -automating back-office operations and reducing IT spending. In addition, we help clients understand their current working model and map a global design towards an institutional transformation that will enable flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. Maximizing investments is critical and Oracle Cloud offers dashboard and reporting tools and workload assessments, to help manage costs and optimize spending… It ensures the creation of governance policies, such as standard network configurations or security protocols, for server and storage resources in the cloud.

This presentation will take you through essential aspects to be taken into consideration for your cloud transformation journey to create a strong technological foundation for the people empowering flexibility, real-time responsiveness, agile capabilities, and a sustainable financial system.

About the Presenter

Gurmeet Bhatia has more than 25 years of strategy, process, and technology expertise across various industries including media and entertainment, CPG, high tech, renewable energy, retail, telecom, food processing, shipping, and logistics, and more.

Gurmeet attended an Advanced Management Master’s program from Harvard and MIT in leadership, organizational development, and human cognitive science, and has held executive-level roles and responsibilities within the IT space and has led multiple M&A transitions and transformations. Gurmeet has a passion for management and IT and is a member of several management and IT advisory boards for organizations and start-up incubators, working with Tier-1 educational institutions.

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