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Day in the Life of a DBA: After Datavail

If you can’t remember the last real vacation you took without being on call, take heart. We know your pain. Find out what others just like you have done to get ahead at work and still have time for friends and family.

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Welcome to DBA heaven. You’re free of the midnight failure alerts. You left the office at 5:00 p.m. last night. You had time to write backup documentation last week. You saw your kid’s soccer game last weekend. And no, you weren’t fired from your DBA job. In fact, you’re getting a promotion because you called Datavail. Now the roll-up-their-sleeves DBAs of Datavail are taking care of the day to day DBA drudgery you struggle to handle.

That’s right, Datavail is the get it done manage services firm. Sure, we can you help you with systems planning and strategy, but, unlike big consulting firms, we do more than just give you a report that will sit on a shelf. We supply DBA muscle that leaves you free to tackle proactive tasks and interesting projects you’ve been eyeing. With Datavail you’ll have time. You have time to test and validate backup protocols so that small glitches don’t become big problems. You have time to schedule patch management and performance tuning well in advance. Even coordinate those important projects with the application teams.

Now you sleep through the night because Datavail’s team handles all those midnight failure alerts, and in the morning you don’t nervously look for the night’s problems. You calmly review reports. Datavail documents the incidents handled the night before, as well as open items and recommendations you may want to address that day. Now, Datavail handles the system monitoring, off-hours trouble tickets, health checks and other work that used to bedevil you. You have time to upgrade your skills and showcase your value. You made the DBA life fit with your life. You’ve created your own DBA paradise here on Earth because you called Datavail.

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