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Day in the Life: Before Datavail

Assistance from Expert Remote DBAs

At Datavail, we know just how crazy your DBA job can be. And you’re not alone in the DBA world. Most DBAs spend their days running from one hurry-up job to the next. That’s why we’ve created a business model where we partner with in-house DBAs to handle the day-to-day, leaving you free for strategic work.

Show Transcript

The heat is on. Yep, it's always on. Day in, day out, you're hit with one little problem after another. You've heard the saying, "The devil is in the details?" Nope, the devil is in your ticket queue, backup failures, space issues, performance problems, stalled applications. Is the server down? You've heard it all. Every hour you're bombarded with requests. Write this report, synchronize that data across servers. Sally quit and you have to pick up her duties. What do you mean SQL Server doesn't work the same way as Oracle? If you're like most DBAs living in DBA hell, you haven't called Datavail yet. You're still working 80 hour weeks, waking up to 3:00 am failure alerts, telling yourself meals are for sissies and weekends are for wimps. You never have time for proactive work, system health checks, documentation, performance tuning, upgrading your own skills so you can get ahead. Aren't you ready to quit watching all hell break loose daily? Isn't it time you give yourself a chance to work on the cool stuff? Yes, it's time. You deserve relief, and you can get it by calling Datavail.

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