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Datavail’s TechBoost Modernization Journey from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Datavail Presentation

A modern, scalable data strategy is critical to succeeding as an organization today. Datavail recently took part in AWS Data Modernization Week 2022.

Our session, part of “Best Practices for Migrating from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora Part 2,” features Trevor Banks, TechBoost Technical Manager, Datavail. Trevor shares the real-world migration and modernization journey of our own internal software, Datavail TechBoostTM, as we moved from SQL Server on Amazon EC2 to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.

At Datavail, we have invested $25 million into our proprietary, cloud-based automation platform for databases, Datavail TechBoostTM, built around and integrated into our service offerings. This robust solution takes the extensive experience and hands-on knowledge that our DBAs have and distills it into a powerful platform that tracks 500+ customizable metrics and operates 24x7x365. Datavail TechBoostTM empowers organizations by improving the availability, reliability, and performance of their databases through fast issue identification and resolution.

Datavail TechBoostTM supports SQL Server, Oracle Standard Edition, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Windows Server, and LINUX environments, and we’re continually enhancing and expanding its capabilities.

This modernization process was an important step in taking Datavail TechBoostTM to the next level. Fill out the form to read our presentation that details the lessons learned and new capabilities we achieved by moving this software to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.

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