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Datavail's Tech-enabled Intellectual Property

Scott Frock, Operating Officer describes how Datavail’s tech enabled IT is tailored to the needs of our customers.

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We go through an extensive vetting and screening process as we look for and hire absolutely the industry's best of the best. It's not unusual for us to interview over 200 people for a position, so we're very careful and very exhaustive in our search, because we want the absolute best people on our team to provide our services for our customers. We take the world's best workforce, and we further help them and further amplify them by giving them tools and technologies that allow them to be even more efficient and more productive for customers. Because after all, if a solution is all labor based, people do make mistakes from time to time. So what the tech-enabled IP does is, it moves the solution from being all labor, to being a combination of labor and technology. The technology is more accurate, it's highly repeatable, and it's more efficient driving savings back to our customers. The first category for our tech-enabled IP is what we do around our instrumentation and our monitoring. So it's tools and technologies that we've built, that allow us to get better insights into the day to day, minute by minute, health and operation of our customer's environments. Whether that's their databases, their infrastructure, or their applications, because all of those data points are important for us to be able to look at what's going on in an environment and then for us to be able to use that information diagnostically to execute the correct set of actions to maximize the environment. So the second category of where our tech-enabled IP comes, is in the investments we've made around our service management platform. Our service management solution is powered by Service Now, but we have spent literally over 2 million dollars in the enhancement and customization of that platform, building a solution that's tailored specifically to delivering managed services to support databases and application for our customers. So what that platform does is it helps us do a couple things. First, it has the intelligence to be able to look at and triage an incoming request, whether that be an incident or a service request, and it routes that to the correct resolver. So the correct resolver is somebody who's available, but also has the right skill level to be able to work that particular request. So by being able to better map work to the right skill level and qualified resolver, it allows us to perform work right the first time for our customers. And then the third category around where our tech-enabled IP comes, is in the different script libraries and tools that we arm our resources with. So, you've got a 10 year plus experienced senior DBA that's working on a particular application or environment for our customer, and maybe there's a part of the application that's not monitored. So rather than having to build a script from scratch to do a custom monitoring script, instead they'll reach into the script library, and there's a chance that over our 13 years of history in supporting literally a thousand plus customers, that we've probably developed a very similar script already. So we are able to leverage that script library of industry best practices and prebuilt routines, so now 70% of that script may already be built, and gives us a running start point. So now the DBA only needs to focus on doing the customization and the tailoring. So it allows that resource to be more efficient and more effective in delivering their service. Our tech-enabled IP, what it really is about, it's about moving the equation from being all labor based, to being a combination of labor and automation. And we know with automation what we get, is we get efficiency, we get speed, but we also get consistency of execution, so quality. So as we move to tooling, that helps us better diagnose, better collect data, be more prescriptive around what the correct action is to resolve a particular incident or event in a customer's environment, it allows us to deliver a faster level of service that's right the first time, at a lower cost point.

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