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Datavail's Growth Strategy

Scott Frock, Chief Operating Officer talks about the explosive growth Datavail has experienced through organic means and acquisition, and how it benefits our customers and employees.

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Datavail as a company has been on an explosive growth track. I'm really proud to be part of the company and really be a member of the team that's helping to grow the company at the pace it is. Over the course of the last six and a half years the company has literally grown nine times it's size. If we turn that into a compounded annual growth rate our company is growing at a rate of 49% a year consistently over the last 6 years. Which is just unheard of growth for a services company. Really excited about that growth, and that growth is largely what we would call organic growth. Growth is a fantastic thing for everybody's that's involved. It helps our customers because as the company grows, as we aggregate size it puts us in position to have more resources, which makes it easier for us to deliver a 24/7 service. From a customer standpoint it's good. From an employees standpoint if we're in a growing environment, or the company's growing, it creates career opportunities. It brings in new logos, new customer environments to work in. It brings in a different variety of type of work. It brings in different projects, and it just helps create a changing environment where you get exposed to new technologies, to new solutions, to different ways of work, and it really helps each of our consultants be able to grow their career. Datavail has be growing organically, but recently we've also been growing inorganically. In the last six months we've done three major acquisitions. We acquired an Oracle analytics company last summer. We acquired a Microsoft consultancy in January, and then in March we acquired a Oracle Hyperion company. All of these acquisitions are part of a deliberate growth strategy that we're executing that says; How do we take the foundation of what Datavail's built over it's last 13 years and leverage that to grow the types of services and the offerings that we make available to our customers. What we're deliberately doing through our acquisition strategy is we're adding capabilities and offerings that the company doesn't have today. However, each of those offerings are very closely knit to a service that Datavail has today. For instance the core of the company and our legacy started in the database administration service. As we add Oracle analytics it sits on top of our database service, and sits beside what we're already doing from an Oracle EBS, or an Oracle ERP standpoint. Each of the acquisitions are designed to fill in white space, or give the company additional offerings and different capabilities to offer our customers. But, the intention is the acquisitions are mostly professional services firms so they're mostly project based consultancies, then what we're going to do is we're going to take the platform that Datavail's built that has our tech enabled IP, that has our manage service excellence, the hallmark of Datavail which is really around 24/7 operational run support, and combine that with these implementation consultancy project companies. And to be able to create and end to end application life cycle message. Regardless of where a customer might have need. If they need help with operational run and support Datavail will have an answer in that application portfolio. If they need help with implementation, installation, configuration, tuning, we'll have an offering there. Of course, if we do the installation then we will have an offering to be able to support that through the entire life cycle as well.

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