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Datavail DBAs on Why Clients Choose Us

24x7 Coverage and Quality Customer Service

With more than 600 DBAs, Datavail provides 24/7 service. But the way we get it done is what sets us apart from other companies, employees say.

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Megan: I think clients come to Datavail for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you don't need a full-time DBA because you're a smaller shop. Sometimes you had somebody quit, and you're in an emergency situation, or sometimes you just need a skill set that you can't find in your market. Chad: Datavail isn't just a solutions provider, they're a partner. We're actually a part of the team that we provide services for. If I think of managed services, I think of big companies like IBM or CFC. Throw the work over, and you may or may not get it back correctly, but that doesn't happen here. At Datavail, we take the work, we provide solutions, we provide better solutions, constant engagement between us and the customer. It's not throw it back over the wall and go home. Sen: As a team, we get familiar with the clients and the clients get familiar with our team. They get to know our names, they get to know our skills, and our previous work. Megan: I think we have a really good combination of 24x7 support, and regular people that you would be willing to work with on a day-to-day basis that you can see eye-to-eye with. Richard: I really value the relationships I have with the customers. Each one of them has their own unique set of challenges, and their own unique group of people that you work with, and that's the most enjoyable part.

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